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Chemical Brother's:Do it again

Chemical Brother's:The salmon dance

Kelly Rowland:Work

Destiny's Child:Bootylicius

Destiny's Child:Independent Women

Pink:Family portrait

IHM:kitör a frász


Grandmaster flash:massage

Jenifer Lopez:Play


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MG Soccer

Good-bye benchwarming, hello team management. Train your own soccer team and win the cup! Take on the role of manager: It's not any easy job, but somebody's got to do it - have you got what it takes?
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Happy new year and decade Stefan and Bee and to all the reaedrs. Thanks for maintaining this blog; you give us the opportunity to discuss things. BTW where are all these 'other' reaedrs? Why they are not commenting? More or less I see the same people in the comment section. Maybe we should stand back a little and give space to other people to contribute with fresh ideas.

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